What is the best food processor to buy in 2015?

The year is 2015, and we’re looking for the best food processor your budget can afford.

I know a lot of people quit on their food processor purchases because of the high price they immediately encounter. So, we’ll just have to get this out of our system right off the bat. Yes, food processors are premium kitchen items and they don’t come cheap. You can’t expect a food processor at a price of your average blender or cheap chopper; it just doesn’t work that way. These machines are beasts in the kitchen, and they’ll leave an accordingly-sized dent in your home-budget.

I’m a great lover of fine cuisine and cooking, but there are so many tedious things one needs to do before the meal is ready sometimes I don’t even feel like starting at all. Luckily, a good food processor will eliminate all of those pesky cooking aspects and let you dedicate your cooking time to the things that bring you joy. Of course, if these machines are out of your price range, you can always go for a smaller and cheaper chopper. Choppers are food processor’s little brothers after all.

Best Home Food Processor

Best food processor for your household will introduce many benefits to your cooking and overall diet. The key to eating healthy is preparing your meals with fresh ingredients. That brings us to one of those boring moments in the kitchen, slicing and dicing. I just hate when I have to chop everything manually before I can use it for my dish. Luckily, food processors got your back on this one. They’ll save you a ton of time over the week/month, and they’ll do a much better job than you ever possibly could on top of that. Prolonged kitchen acrobatics can be strenuous on your hands and wrists as well, so that’s just one more thing you’ll never have to worry about again.

Now that we know these little guys are definitely good to have within reach, we can focus on today and see what models bring the best quality-price ratio to the table. Just in case you’re still not entirely convinced food processors are a good idea, I’ll mention such kitchen “delights” like shredding mozzarella, dicing pepperoni and tomatoes, chopping onions, juliening potatoes, kneading doe… If these are some of the actions you never want to have to do again, just keep on reading.

Before we get to the actual winner of our little food processing contest I’ll just have to say the competition was relentless. We had to introduce numerous grading-points and factors in order to go deep enough to differentiate the best of the best. It all started pretty smooth, but as we progressed and left more and more models behind, things started getting increasingly difficult. Don’t get me wrong, I found great pleasure in doing this as I really wanted to get to the bottom of the best food processor conundrum as well. It’s been a while since I wrote an article this specific, so a proper research had to take place.

So, things like overall performance, power, array of different blades, connection of the motor to the blades, and a lot of different factors were taken into account and graded. As the rounds progressed, the optimal machines slowly started to emerge until we reached to the very end with just one food processor left.

It’s our winner I’m about to introduce in a short while. The competition was very tough, as I’ve already said, and our today’s winners really showed a great level of excellence. It was no small feat beating all of the competition on the market, but I think we really ended up with the product that’s definitely worth the money invested. Worth as in it’ll save you a bunch of time preparing your food for you and it’ll do it much better and with a much finer touch to it. With a good food processor (not to mention the best) you’ll be able to do pretty much anything that comes to your mind as long as it involves chopping stuff or kneading doe.

Let’s see our winner

Sous Chef BFP800XL Food ProcessorOk, that was it as far as introduction and beating around the bush is concerned, time for some real meat of this article.

The model that beat all the rest during our testing period is the Sous Chef BFP800XL Food Processor, coming to us from Breville. It’s really an exceptional model, and you won’t be getting a good bang for your buck with it, you’ll be getting a nuclear explosion for your buck. It’ll be such a little helper in your kitchen, you’ll be wondering how you ever managed to live and cook without it.

As far as different slicing opportunities go, this bad boy comes with 3 different blades 5 discs with multiple functions. The feed chute is a special delight; it’s 5.5” wide, and it’ll take most of your favorite vegetables and fruits without previous cutting into pieces. The bowls are BPA-free, they’re 16 and 2.5 cup big. It features a fancy LCD display as well.

It’s a delight to use, and pretty easy to store, which is a pretty big concern with food processors since they tend to be somewhat heavy and cumbersome. It chops stuff like crazy, and makes pizza dough like you wouldn’t believe. We really enjoyed testing it, and I’ll leave it at just stating a lot of good food was made throughout these tests 🙂

My favorite brand of multi tools

A multi-tool is a portable, flexible hand tool that has several hand tools combined in a single unit. There are several multi-tool brands available in the market and each comes with unique features as well as capability. Let me present you with my favorite (Leatherman) and a few of their specific models.

1. Leatherman Wave

The Wave is perhaps one of the most popular multi tools available in the market today. This impressive multi tool consists of seventeen different tools packed in one body.

It is light, versatile and small enough, hence it’s easy to carry in your pocket .Not to mention, Leatherman wave has two disparate screw bits, Philips eyeglass Screwdriver and a stainless steel body that locks in place all the wave’s tools firmly hence making it very comfortable to use.

Some of its myriad tools include, serrated knife, a saw, a pair of scissors and a bottle opener.

Leatherman Wave

2. Leatherman Micra

Although the Micra is among Leatherman’s smallest multi tools, it still manages to firmly hold ten different tools in its tiny package. When closed, the Micra is only 2.5 inches and it comes in different colors.

Not to mention, Micra comes with a myriad of tools which include nail file, tweezers, three screwdrivers, a bottle opener and a knife just to mention but a few. Besides that, the Micra is lightweight, flexible and is small enough making it easy to carry in your pocket or even to put on your keychain.

In addition, the Micra is made of stainless steel, hence it’s very durable. It is extremely popular among fishermen since it has best spring action scissors that is commonly used by fishermen.

3. Leatherman Skeletool

Leatherman Skeletool is among the smallest Leatherman multi tools available on the market. It has fewer tools, but it is lighter, more portable and also small enough to be carried easily in your pocket or even to be put on a keychain.

The Skeletool has seven tools which include needle nose, a knife, standard pliers, a screwdriver, a bottle opener and a Carabineer clip. Besides that, Leatherman has a black carbon fiber handle that makes it very comfortable to use. It’s also very budget-friendly.

Leatherman Skeletool

4. Leatherman Charge Tti

The Leatherman Charger TTi is yet another great Multi tool (and my personal favorite) it comes with different tools packed in a single unit. Besides that, it is versatile and small enough to fit in your bag or even your pocket.

It is definitely one of the best multi tools available on the market today. The Leatherman TTi consists of 19 tools that include metal file, needle nose, a knife, diamond-coated file a saw and a serrated knife just to mention but a few.

Besides that, it has a stainless steel body with Lanyard ring , a quick release ring and a blades rock. However, the quality does come at a price and it’s one of the more expensive pieces out there.


In summary, it is clear that there are several brands of multi tools available in the market each consisting of unique features and capabilities. Some come with serrated knives, bottle opener, screwdriver and tweezers just to mention but a few.

It’s hard to go wrong by choosing any of the aforementioned pieces from my favorite brand of multi tools, Leatherman.

Why you need a multi tool and how to choose one

Getting a top rated multi tool guarantees you quality and longevity. If the user ratings are good his tool has likely been around for years or decades and continues to draw lots of attention.

By having a range of tools fitted into one unit it saves you the inconvenience of walking around with a toolbox. This is particularly important in some situations.

For instance – can you imagine dragging your tool box up the mountain during then camping, boating, cycling or hiking expedition? Of course you would rather carry a multi-tool.

So, what questions should you ask when searching for the tools that’s just right for you?

What Is The Intended Purposes Of The Tool?

multi tool reviewsOne important question you need to answer is where you will be using the tool.

Is it mainly for carpentry work or mechanical work around the home or are you more of a camper?

Do you usually work around bicycles or electronics? Understanding the need at hand is important since the tool comes with varying tools. Tools that are suitable for a cyclist may not be helpful to a person who repairs electronics. Some multi tools are specific for a particular activity; for instance, horseback riding, fishing, hunting, golf, and other activities.

Is the Brand Reputable?

Finding a multi tool nowadays has become much simpler compared to a few decades. A person only needs to visit a reputable site and read multi tool reviews, or walk into a tools shop.

However, finding the perfect tools isn’t always easy as there are many manufacturers and distributors. The last thing you can imagine is the scissor losing its shape or the screwdriver failing to work because it’s made from metal that is as weak as tin. To avoid such predicaments it pays to go for best multi tools even if it means splurging for a few extra bucks.

Is the Tool Versatile and Portable?

During your search you need to focus on the versatility and portability of the tool set. You don’t want to carry a tool that weighs nearly the same as your tool box. Also, you don’t have to carry a unit that features 127 pieces to the beach or camp yet you can only use 20 pieces. First identify the need at hand then look for a tool that contains what you are certainly going to use.

best multi tools

What Reviews ratings is it getting on website where people share their reviews about the multi tool?

Sure, the manufacturers and marketers of multi-tools will state that their brand is the best in the market.

But how true is this?

The only way to find out is by reading multi tool reviews which will shed more light on the brand. In contrast to a low-rated tool, a good tool is backed by positive comments and reviews. The tool will be versatile, reliable, durable, efficient and user-friend. Popular and well-known brands include Leatherman, Victorinox, Coleman, Wenger, Gerber, Kershaw, Al Mar, Schrade, SOG and Craftsman.

Why do you need it?

A multi tool is a handy piece of equipment that will help you fix things along the way, anywhere and at any time. What’s’ more, it will not bog you down due to too much weight.

However, it is vital to think about the questions listed above so as to find a top rated multi tool. This is the only way you will be assured of reliability, peace-of-mind and maximum satisfaction.

5 Lessons I Learned After 10 Years of Amateur Carpentry

carpentry multi toolsThose who are keen on knowing the importance of having the right combination of carpentry multi tools would most certainly find the next few lines very interesting. After having spent almost 10 years as an amateur carpenter, I have gone through many learning curves.

It would be pertinent to mention that I have also learnt that having mere talent and skills alone will not take me places. This is mainly because the levels of competition in this field are increasing quite significantly. Therefore I have found out that apart from honing my skills it is also very important for me to understand the importance of having tools that offer multiple features. Hence over the next few lines let me try and have a look at five enriching experiences that made me into a man I am today.

Importance of Technology

If one looks back at carpenters around 40 to 50 years ago, they were always seen using manually operated tools such as saws, claw hammers, tape measures, the moisture meter, the utility knife, Chisel, the lever…just looking at this aging pieces eliminates any doubt that mechanization and technology has caught on. The simplest example is the common saw which is so important and was revolutionized over the past few decades.

Combination of Electricity and Power

Another game changer as far as my journey to the next higher of level of success is the importance of power oscillating multi tools. They have well and truly given a new definition to the way in which I went about doing my job. These tools which are power operated certainly helped a lot in fast tracking my business and improving my productivity and speed. My reputation with my customers also went up by a few notches.

carpentry multi tools

The Nail Sets, Screw Drivers and Sliding Bevel

Even small items like screwdrivers nail sets and sliding bevels have also become technology advanced and in fact they are available as a composite tool. This is again something which I believe has been possible because of improvements in technology. Even the layout square which I used to use previous is now hooked to the computer and I am able to get much accurate and error free measurements.

The Importance of the Internet

The next important thing is for me to be in touch with the internet. This is the place where all the action is and therefore I have well and truly gained a lot by being actively present on the internet. It has helped me to enhance my knowledge and information levels. It also has helped a lot in gaining access to latest happenings in the field of carpentry tools. I have been able to follow quite a few of them and have become extremely productive and market friendly.

This Is Just the Beginning

I also would like to mention here that though quite a lot of changes in tooling devices have been taking place around me, I feel that this is just the beginning. Technology and automation is a continuous process and it will only pick up speed over the next few years – I have no doubt about that, I only hope I can keep up.

Home tool essentials for a true handyman

We all know the significant role that essential heavy duty multi tools play in our day to day life. Most households prefer buying their own set of cordless tools for menial home improvement tasks. The fact that tool kits and other kind of repair tools give high degree of flexibility and better control; these have become must-have home accessories.

Having your own kit of multi tools can help you fix or build a lot of things in the house easily, without calling for any professional help. A small one-time investment can actually save you a lot of money and time.

Importance of Having Essential Heavy Duty Multi Tools

handymanTools like cordless drill, reciprocating saw, oscillating multi-tool, and circular saw are some important tools that you should have in your home. As mentioned earlier, if you have the right set of power and repair tools, there are many house tasks that you’ll be able to fix without calling for professional help and spending money.

Men who are fond of experimenting and making new things in the house themselves can do wonders with these tools. Since labor and repair services are way too expensive in western countries, it is important to learn some tricks to be able to fix things in your house. Here are some benefits of having essential home repair tools:

  1. Saves time and cost in the long run.
  2. Flexibility to fix things without delays.
  3. Ability to make or create new things with ease like dog house.
  4. Ability to build and repair just about anything.

Factors to consider when choosing

It’s important to understand that heavy duty multi tools are available in a wide range of designs. You can choose from many different products. Therefore, you should consider some important factors while making the purchase.

Price – The thumb rule to buy durable and efficient tools is, “Get what you pay for”.

There is no hard and fast rule to determine the value and functionality of power and repair tools. All you have to do is go through the features and functions of the tools given in the catalogue and pay for what is required.

There is no point in buying something cheap which has to be replaced only after a short period of use. However, it is not necessary to spend a huge amount of money if you want to buy a good quality tool, read user reviews and you might save a lot and get a cheap multi tool of high quality.

Functionality – The tools must always be bought keeping in mind the type of work they are supposed to perform. If the work does not involve too much strength, then a low voltage power tool would also do. Make your selection according to the type of job to ensure more efficiency and fine results.

Durability – It is always advised to buy tools from only branded shops. Top brands ensure better quality and durability of the product. Moreover, when it comes to buying gadgets and tools, warranty becomes a major factor and only a top brand can provide you with a replacement warranty.

handyman tools

Having a heavy duty multi tools can actually save a lot of your time and money, provided you make the right choice. Multi tools at home will let you indulge into your own creative self so you can build whatever you like, without having to spend hundreds of dollars on construction workers and related expenses.

What is a Carry-On Multi Tool?

Leatherman HailMulti tools often come in the form of key chains, or another type of small trinket that can easily be carried around. A multi tool may have a number of different small tools that can help with a number of different tasks.

Many multi tools are based in a pocket knife that contains a number of other small tools surrounding it for the owner’s use.

However, due to the strict nature of security guidelines at airports, many multi tools often must be left out of pockets and luggage to satisfy those guidelines. Thus, the need for TSA- friendly multi tools has risen greatly.

Therefore, the carry-on multi tool was created to satisfy both the TSA’s guidelines for items allowed on planes and for the owner’s convenience.

What Tools Does a Multi Tool Have?

Multi tools are commodities which can carry a number of different tools. As mentioned before, many of these tools are centered around a pocket knife. But in order to remain TSA -compliant, a multi tool suitable for travel must not contain a blade. Some tools you may find on such a product include:

  • Credit card holder
  • Tweezers
  • Can and/or bottle openers
  • Nail filer
  • Clippers

Multi tools can also carry a number of other different tools, depending on the brand. Some may even feature a tool that is a hybrid of eating utensils. Others may have a small comb or screwdrivers. You have a variety of options, depending on your needs, from actual hardware tools to use on nails and screws, to personal grooming kits all in one.

Which Multi-Tools are TSA-Compliant?

While the T.S.A has eased up its grasp on a number of different items it strictly keeps track of, ensuring that your selection of multi tool is appropriate for air travel can save you both time and money. Since many people often find that their tools get confiscated at security, you will want to select one that keeps to the T.S.A standards for airport safety.

You don’t want to have the effort, time, and money you spent wasted. Plus, due to ever changing rules regarding carry-on, you may also want to check up on current safety regulations as your travel plans arrive. These multi tools offer a great place to start.


Leatherman Style PS Key-chain Travel-Friendly .T.S.A Compliant Mini Multi-Tool

This example provides eight different tools, including scissors, wire cutters, a bottle opener, and tweezers. With no blade to pose a threat, this product was specifically designed for airport travel to keep you from getting stopped at the security gates. Plus, you won’t have to worry about forgetting your tweezers or nail filer on the next trip you take.

Leatherman Hail + Style PS

The chic design is what provides this product with its appeal, as it contains most of the features listed in the above product. However, the design creates a folded-in fit that allows the multi tool to fit more comfortably into pockets and other tight spaces. It contains screwdrivers, needlenose pliers, and tweezers.

It performs as half toolbox and half grooming kit.

The Essentials of Hunting Weapons Maintenance

The best time for cleaning your rifle, is just before the end of the season, prior to storage. During the hunting season, one should rather stick to minimum cleaning applying chemicals.

Some people are not aware of the fact that, if a shot is fired from properly cleaned barrel, it has much higher chance of hitting at the aim, than a shot fired from a dirty barrel. Again, if you are constantly using oil and lubricants to clean your barrel, it can reduce its accuracy and reliability, so, in most cases you should rather stick to simple and basic cleaning.

Hunting Weapons


However, you will have to keep your gun in top shape and functioning. In order to maintain its complete accuracy, you will have to keep it free of dirt, debris and powder. For that purpose, you can use hunting multi tool kit. These kinds of kits have special tools to take off the screws or to remove certain parts in order to clean it.

It is important to use the essential tools for hunting weapons, so that it can be protected from damage or scratch.

Easy steps for making your hunting gun last longer

Hunting Weapons 2Step1: To start with, you should wash your hands properly before touching your gun. This way, you will not pass on the oil or dirt of your hands to the gun, which are the potential rust-causing agents.

Step 2: Another very simple step which you should follow is to, carry your rifle in a hard and protective case, whenever you are travelling. This, can protect your rifle from several mechanical issues. You can consider using waterproof cases, but, these rifle cases often absorb a lot of moisture. Thus, it is advisable not to store your gun in those cases for a very long time.

Step 3: Make sure to store your gun horizontally. You should avoid keeping the muzzle upwards, as that can make the oil run out, leading to functional problems.

Step 4: It is important to clean your gun properly before storage, so that, there is no excess oil or grease left on the gun. This can cause mechanical problems in your gun.

Step 5: In cold weathers, hunters often face the problem of condensation, that builds up on their rifle. Condensation is one of the main causes behind rust and all metal objects produce it once they warm up rapidly. Thus, you should always make sure not to take your cold rifle in a warm place. Instead, you can cover it up with a blanket or leave it in a covered area, so that it can warm slowly.

Step 6: In case of rough weather, you can use a small amount of non-abrasive tape, over the muzzle. Thus, this tape will protect your gun water, snow, or ice, which can trickle down the barrel once it is fired.

It is ideal to store the gun in your home, where the air-conditioner or heater will help to keep the air dry enough. Thus, there will be a lesser chance of rust. Also make sure to wipe-down your gun every few months.